Productive Online Deliberative Discussion


The Meaning Behind Our Name

Synaccord is the a combination of the words “synergy” and “accord.” Synergy is the beautiful thing that happens when people get together and do more than they could individually. An accord is a harmonious agreement. We need both of these to build a democracy that works even better.

What it Is

A platform for online deliberative discussions.


It’s a web app that works on your phone, tablet and desktop for structured text or video based discussion in small diverse groups.

The Founder

“I was the type who voted, but mostly avoided the nastiness of politics. I was taking an online course in user interface design, while working on a different startup idea. There were thousands of students in the class. To get our work graded, each student had to grade the work of 5 others. I learned from giving feedback on what other people did, and I learned from the feedback I got.

Holy #*%!, that’s when it hit me.

I realized that those 5 others could be liberals and conservatives with differing viewpoints and the work could be solutions to our political crisis, and with 1000’s of small diverse groups going, miraculous solutions we can unite around would emerge."- David Fridley, Founder

Ways to Help

There are two things you can do to help this succeed.

The first is the easiest.

Leave your email address below. This action is huge because it shows others there’s support for this mission. That means we can get the resources to build it, and we will send you occasional updates on our progress.

The second way to get involved is to apply to participate in our beta trial. You’ll get to see the first version of Synaccord and give us feedback that will help improve the experience for future users. We’re building a new user interface for democracy and you are the expert in how well it works. With your input, we can keep working to make it engaging and fun to participate in democracy, and keep it civil. All you’ve gotta do is tell us what you think.