Productive Online Deliberative Discussion

To find the solutions to what divides us

I need a productive discussion!

Online Challenges

The ideal of the Internet was that it would bring people together. But in large scale, we don't see that. In face to face, moderated discussions people are able to discuss the issues, and come understanding each other. Why not online?

  • Impostors
  • Trolls
  • Sensationalism
  • Negativity
  • Like minded groups
  • Impersonal
  • Misunderstanding
  • Getting Nowhere
  • Polarization
  • Low turnout

The Ideal

What are we hoping will happen when everyone can get together on the Internet and have a productive discussion?

  • Huge participation, if not everyone
  • Amazing Solutions
  • Overwhelming support for action
  • Real understanding of each other and the issues
  • Timely Results


Build the tools that empower large numbers of people to assemble online to have productive conversations about difficult topics that lead to amazing solutions with overwhelming support.

Develop new features, measure what works, collect feedback, learn, repeat. If it's not a productive discussion, we're not done yet.

Overcoming Challenges

Yes! There are challenges to getting diverse, polarized people together online and productively working towards solutions. Here are some of the tools to solve them.

  • Validate identity
  • Request relevant demographics
  • Identify stake
  • Structure discussions
  • Distribute participants into small diverse teams
  • Enable quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Vote up the best
  • Give every voice fair consideration
  • Keep participation demographically balanced
  • Keep it civil
  • Make it fun
  • Get personal

Where we can help

Online deliberative discussions overcome some of the challenges of in-person meetings by allowing people to participate remotely, at different times, and at much less cost for both the participant and organizer. Online deliberative discussions can be useful in many situations, such as:

  • People with each other
  • Neighbors with their local government
  • Representatives and their constituents
  • Members in their unions
  • People and their parties
  • Causes and their advocates
  • Democratically run Organizations

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